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Everyone values online security, but every day a large number of accounts are stolen and traded on the black market. Try not to log in to your account on a public computer, especially money-related accounts. Install mainstream browsers, and they will warn you of the risks. In addition, if you receive an email from the bank, do not click directly, but call the bank.

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If you are unable to login or need to access the previous account page, please click HERE. This page will use your previous login credentials and is for reference only. Any changes in the old system will not be reflected in the new system and will be lost.

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A valid user name and password are required for CAC registration. Passwords for users logging in without CAC expire every 60 days, per AFMAN 33-223. Click the "Reset Your Password: on the AF Portal Login Screen at https://www.my.af.mil and follow the directions. If …

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