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Agile Mind curriculum programs for grades 6 through 12 have helped school systems of all sizes achieve measurable improvement in math and science. Agile Mind curriculum programs empower teachers and their students to achieve measurable improvement in math and science. We ease the burden on teachers with continuous professional support that …

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This page provides an introduction to Agile Mind’s middle and high school mathematics programs. Here you will find the orientation videos for each course submitted, as well as a quick start guide. When you are ready to review the programs, click the “ Log In ” button to the right. Get to know Agile Mind. Our About Agile Mind Document provides a brief summary of what we have to offer.


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The Agile Mind login page on is for middle and high school mathematics and science programs that include a comprehensive classroom account. Article by Login Up 1

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Linda Chaput, founder and CEO of Agile Mind, Inc., leads our efforts to transform the teaching and learning of mathematics and science in our nation’s middle and high schools. Under Linda’s leadership, Agile Mind is realizing its commitment to help educators teach smarter and to equip students to take more responsibility for their learning.

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Charlotte serves as Agile Mind’s Director of Marketing. In this role, she oversees the company’s strategic marketing communications engaging with internal and external partners. With over 20 years in online educational technology publishing and implementation for K12 and higher education entities, Charlotte is committed to developing …

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