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What is Alora plus?


Healthcare Systems Alora LLC. Alora Plus is the beginning of home health software’s future. Alora Plus may help your agency operate more efficiently because to its user-friendly workflow adjustability and slick UI. The 60 Day Episode Calculator is Alora Plus’s most notable iOS feature.

Why choose Alora home health software?


For our devoted clients, Alora Home Health Software offers more than simply software. We serve as a resource, ally, champion, and central location where clients can go to obtain answers, offer suggestions, and take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our team of seasoned Home Health Care Software professionals.

How long has Alora s support staff been working with Alora?


While working in home health for an average of 17 years, our support team has supported Alora software for an average of 5 years.

What devices does Alora support?


Customers of Alora have a lot of freedom to select the gadgets that work best for them. Clinicians may document in a patient’s home and collect signatures using Alora’s native offline applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablets without the need for the Internet. The homecare industry’s all-in-one software is called Alora.

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