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EDUMETRISIS LLC’s BIMAS-2 Social emotional learning screening/a>/h2>div>span>span>/div>p>span> 12 July 2018   The BIMAS-2 has 34 change-sensitive questions that seamlessly incorporate progress with universal screening of behavior issues and social emotional wellbeing.

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    Phone: (970) 301-5166 div>a href=””>div>/div> MAIN PAGE | bimas2 Resources div>a href=”″>div>div>div>div>/div> div> System for Monitoring and Evaluating Behavior Intervention (BIM… [div][div]a href= “%20 2 percent BIMAS two percent 20A% 202% 20% page percentage “div>Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System (BIMA) (cent 20introduction.pdf” >div>div>div>/div> /div> div>Edumetrisis/div> div>a href=””>

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