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The Housing Ministry hosts a workshop on the “Ejar” scheme. A workshop is held by the ministry of housing to talk about the rental property system. Determined by the Ministry of Housing, Hijra Solar A link to the regulations may be found at https://www.ejar.sa/en/regulations. Regulations and Rules A link to the rule is provided at https://www.ejar.sa/en/regulation/197. Resolution No. 131 of the Council of Ministers /a> /div> /li>li>a href=”https://www.ejar.sa/en/event/235″> Housing Ministry Determination a href=”https://www.ejar.sa/en/event/234″>/a>/h3>p>/li>/li>a> The Ministry of Housing Ho… a href=”https://www.ejar.sa/en/event/226″>/a>/h3>p>/li>/ul>ul>h3> Housing Has All Opinions… a href=”https://www.ejar.sa/en/agent/187″>/a>/h3>p>/li>/li>a> Other stuff from ejar.sa: Tenant/a>/h3>p>div>/div> div>div> ul>li>a href=”https://www.ejar.sa/en/page/61″>/a>/div> A link to Ejar’s mission statement and goals may be found at https://www.ejar.sa/en/event/339.

Program: A Workshop About “Ejar” Is Hosted By The Ministry of Housing A link to this event may be found at https://www.ejar.sa/en/event/226. Housing Received All Comments Regarding the Consolidated Lease of Housing Against… See more at /a>/li/ul/div

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