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Play in the tombola arcade for just 5p.


Play original games at the tombola arcade for from 5p to £1. When you deposit $25 today, you will receive a £50 bonus to play with. Utilize the Tombola Arcade app to play our games everywhere.

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What is the tombola arcade community?


We take great pleasure in our arcade community, which includes all of you, here at Tombola Arcade! Regardless of the arcade game you’re playing, such as emoji or scratch spin select, our gamers congregate in our tombola arcade chat rooms for a talk! You may participate in our debate on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among other social media platforms.

Do I need to register again as a tombola player?


There is no need to re-register as a tombola participant—just click the button below! All games are playable on PC and mobile devices, but that is only the beginning. New, original games are currently in the works and will be in your hands very soon. If you’ve forgotten your account or password, click here.


Could a tile-based board game net you £500?


With our entertaining board game with a tile theme, you’ll be ready to go. Try your luck and dart around the board to match up your symbols for a chance to win up to £500!

Is tombola legal in Gibraltar?


governed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and granted a license by the Gibraltar Government (RGL No. 052). The Gambling Commission of Great Britain is the licensing and regulatory authority for users visiting tombola.co.uk from Great Britain (000-038613-R-319397-009).

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