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    Why choose MSA?


    Count on MSA to keep you safe everywhere, from the rig to the refinery. Before a shovel is put into the ground, we strive for zero occurrences. providing protection for utility employees’ safety for over a century. For more than a century, two outstanding businesses have worked together to make people, places, and our planet safe. Today, we are unified in our quest of safety. Our world is interconnected.

    What is the MSA connected work platform?


    The MSA Connected Work platform, powered by the ALTAIR ioTM 4 Gas Detection Wearable, is what we refer to as. Our world is interconnected. However, in the workplace, connectivity-enabling equipment is either underutilized or absent completely.

    What is an MSA operative?


    MSA Operatives offer increased security for prominent people, places, and events. Our SmartTech X-ray equipment let us to monitor how quickly MSA’s bomb technicians respond to enquiries, and MSA has been doing extremely well.
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