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Your login information for your account must remain private. You are in charge of what occurs with your account, and Udemy won’t get involved in arguments between teachers or students who exchanged login information. A href=” percent 20may percent 20not percent 20share percent 20your percent 20account percent 20login percent 20credentials or percent 20instructors percent 20who percent 20have percent 20shared percent 20account percent 20login percent 20credentials”> Use Policy | Udemy

Can Udemy account be used by more than one user?


Can more than one person use the same Udemy account? Yes, you may give several people access to your Udemy account, but you run the risk of having your account blocked.

Can I merge my Udemy business and marketplace accounts?


Accounts on Udemy Marketplace and Udemy Business are handled differently and cannot be combined. Additionally, at this time, teacher accounts cannot be combined. Due to the distinct income reports and other data created for teacher accounts, integrating this information with that of another account is not possible.


Why do instructors want to merge courses on Udemy?


Most of the time, instructors desire to do this because they think their course themes are too dissimilar from one another and that it would be preferable to place certain courses in one account and the others in another. On Udemy, however, customers are actually purchasing YOU first when they purchase your courses.

Why does Udemy not allow students to have email id?


Additionally, if a student requests FREE vouchers or something similar, their Udemy account will be closed. Because they believe teachers will spam the information, Udemy will never ever let instructors to acquire students’ email addresses. But they also send spam to students’ email addresses. They believe it to be true.

Can I access my Udemy account from multiple locations?


Because it is against Udemy’s policy, accessing a single account from multiple locations by multiple users increases the likelihood that your account will be completely banned. I therefore advise against granting access to multiple users and suggest using a single Udemy account for a single user only. I hope this information was useful.

Can two people take the same Udemy Course at once?


If you mean that you and a friend are using the same account to take the course, then the answer is a resounding NO. One certificate alone may be obtained per account. How do I exit Udemy?

How do I join Udemy business as an invited user?


Users who have been invited will get an email invitation to sign up for Udemy Business. The name of your company’s Udemy Business account, such as Invitation to Company’s Account, will appear in the subject line of the email.

How does the Udemy business account verification email work?


Users may access your Udemy Business account using the email link, where they can establish a password and input their name and email. Users will be asked to confirm their account details by clicking on a link in a verification email that will expire in one hour*.

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