telstra modem login password

For the Telstra Smart Modem 1.1 and Gen 2, admin is the login and Telstra is the default password. The password for your Telstra Smart Modem Gen 3 is the same as the Wi-Fi password that can be located on the bottom of your modem. From the menu at the top of the screen, select Wi-Fi. The default username and password are admin and the menu at the top of the screen, respectively. /div> div>div>a href=” How can I modify the name and password for my Wi-Fi? – Telstra

How to fix Telstra NBN internet and modem issues?

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  • Your FTTC nbn connection box’s power wire should be disconnected.
  • Turn off all of the lights.
  • pause for 30 seconds
  • Reconnect the power cord to the FTTC nbn connection box, and then give it five minutes to fully boot up.

How to login to modem?

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  • Open a web browser on a computer connected by Ethernet cable to the cable modem, or on a computer linked to a WiFi router.
  • Enter into your web browser’s address bar.
  • Hit the Enter key or press. A sign-in window appears.
  • …/li>/ul>div>br> Enter the cable modem user name and password.

How to log in to your router?

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    From a device linked to the router’s network, open a web browser.
  1. In the address bar, type or The login window for the router appears.
  2. the username and password for the router administrator. Administer is the user name. The password is the one you choose while setting everything up. Case affects both the user name and password…./li>/ol>div>br>


How do you connect a modem to computer?

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How Do I Use An Ethernet Cable To Connect My Computer To The Internet? A yellow LAN connector on your modem should be linked to an Ethernet wire. The other end of the Ethernet cable should be attached to an Ethernet port on your laptop or computer. When the Ethernet light on your modem turns green, it has been connected to the port you are now using.

How do I log into my modem?

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Should you own a different Shaw WiFi modem:

  • Launch a web browser, such as
  • Enter the address into the address box and press Enter on your keyboard.
  • Your WiFi modem login page will then be shown.
  • Please provide the following details: Account name: cusadmin Password: The white label on the top or side of your modem contains this information.
  • Choosing the Login button.

How to setup your modem?

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Self-installation requires the following actions:

  • Place a self-installation kit order.
  • Connect your modem to your internet connection after setting it up.
  • Attach the power wire.

How do I set up my own modem?

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Installing in Part 2 of 2

    Coaxial cable should have one end connected to the cable output. On either end of the coaxial wire, there is a connector that resembles a needle.
  1. The input on your modem should be connected to the opposite end of the cable.
  2. Connect the power cable of your modem to a power source. The free end of the modem power line should be inserted into the modem…. Put your modem where it belongs…./li>/ol>p>


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How can I connect a wireless printer to a laptop?

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Connecting your printer

  • By hitting Windows Key + Q, you may access Windows search.
  • “Printer” should be typed. the Windows Central website
  • Choose Printers and Scanners.
  • Activate the printer.
  • To connect it to your Wi-Fi network, consult the handbook…. Hit Include a scanner or printer.
  • Choose the printer from the list of options. Tap Add device.

How to connect desktop computer to WiFi using router?

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Windows 10: Using a Laptop as a Wired Router

  • Go to “Control Panel > Network Connections” to find it.
  • Select “Properties” when you right-click your Wi-Fi adaptor.
  • By checking the box next to “Allow other network users to connect using this computer’s Internet connection,” select the “Sharing” option, then click “OK.”
  • As an administrator, launch the Command Prompt.

How do you add a router to your computer?

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  • On the Taskbar’s lower left, click Start.
  • Simply choose Control Panel. [Tell Me]
  • Select View network computers and devices from the Network and Sharing Center after typing “network” into the search box. [Tell Me]
  • Make sure the machine symbol you’re adding to the network is visible among the icons of the other computers linked to it.

Does a laptop come with a wireless router?

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Depending on the model, you may use a cable or wireless connection to connect a computer to a router. A thin-and-light laptop like the MacBook Air might not include an Ethernet connector for wired communication, for example, even though the majority of laptops enable Wi-Fi connections. You will next want a USB adaptor.

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