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Who offers the thousand trails camping pass?

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MHC Property Management L.P., a subsidiary of Equity LifeStyle Properties Inc., located at Two North Riverside Plaza Suite 800 in Chicago, Illinois, 60606, is the provider of the Thousand Trails Camping Pass. This program is not open to Equity LifeStyle Properties Inc. members and employees or its affiliates.

Are Thousand Trails sites first come first served?

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No, the first person to arrive gets the spot while visiting a Thousand Trails property. It’s crucial to read the Arrival Instructions message on your Online Check-in Status Page so you are aware of the exact arrival instructions for the campsite. What is the location of my site assignment?

How much does the trails collection cost?

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Pay just $630 for any one of the five zones. Zone expansion costs simply $70 more. Money-Back Promise. The Trails Collection offers 100+ more campsites countrywide for $330. The five camping zones that make up our 81 campsites are Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. There are 18 campgrounds in Oregon and Washington and British Columbia!

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