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Everyone values online security, but every day a large number of accounts are stolen and traded on the black market. Try not to log in to your account on a public computer, especially money-related accounts. Install mainstream browsers, and they will warn you of the risks. In addition, if you receive an email from the bank, do not click directly, but call the bank.






TypingClub is the most accessible typing program available. Interactive experience. A full range of experiences from games, videos and different typing challenges makes learning fun. Voice over. Once you turn it on, every word is read out loud as you are typing each word. Typing Playback.

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About edclub Watch a 2-minute video introduction to edclub. Based in Rockville, Maryland, edclub is a provider of online educational software for students of all ages. Our team of developers, designers, and content creators is dedicated to producing cutting-edge educational platforms for use inside and outside of the classroom.



Login options available in edclub. Admins can customize the login options available to access your school’s edclub account by going to Settings Account Settings Login Options. In general, students can log in using the following options: Username and password: Assign each student a unique username and password when creating their profiles.

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In order to sign in, teachers and students must first go to their unique school login URL (www.schoolname.edclub.com). Trying to sign in by going to the main TypingClub login page (www.typingclub.com) will not work for school accounts. What is my school’s login URL? Every school account has a unique URL in the form of schoolname.edclub.com.



Typing Jungle contains over 600 lessons, guiding students from individual keys through numbers and punctuation, and all the way to a goal of 75 WPM. The carefully designed lessons include instructional videos, educational games, cross-curricular content, and other interactive experiences. Below you can find a list of helpful resources to help …

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