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You can visit this page and select the EMPLOYEE LOGIN option. By doing so, you will be sent to the website where you may retrieve your check stub. You will need to get in touch with your nearby Wise Staffing Group…
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Who is wise staffing group?

With 60 locations, the Wise Staffing Group is made up of the following companies: Wise Staffing Services EPSCO Inc., Labor Source One Source Day-Help LLC, Resource Management Group, and Wise Medical Staffing Inc. Since 1987, we have established ourselves as one of the most reputable suppliers of cutting-edge employment solutions.

Why work with wise medical staffing?

Our goal is to constantly deliver high-quality services to our clients in order to meet both their temporary and long-term workforce demands. You can choose your assignments when you work at Wise Medical Staffing Inc.

Who is the largest staffing company in the southeast?

One of the biggest staffing companies in the Southeast is now called Wise Staffing Group. Wise Staffing Services EPSCO Inc., Labor Source One Source Day-Help LLC, Resource Management Group, and Wise Medical Staffing Inc. are the 60 offices that make up Wise Staffing Group.

Who is we staffing services?


We are a full-service human resources business with a focus on providing superior customer service. We specialize in temporary and career staffing. We have grown to be one of the major recruiting firms in the Southeast since 1987. We provide flexible job options across a range of skill sets.

Why choose wise staffing group?

I have no difficulty in recommending Wise Staffing to anybody looking for a reputable company that can deliver exceptional staff. They do a fantastic job of locating the best candidates for the position. “Wise Staffing Group is more than simply a vendor; they are our partner.

Why wise staffing for torsion?

“Wise Staffing has been a reliable resource for Torsion Group Corp. during the expansion of our production facilities in Evansville, Indiana, during the last year. With the difficulties caused by COVID and the considerable uptick in output, Wise has been able to fill up our teams for both the day and night shifts with a number of competent individuals.

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