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TIME TABLE FOR CONTACT CLASSES FOR FOURTH SEMESTER UG PROGRAMS (2020 Admission) Third Semester and Fourth Semester M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. (2020 Admission)…/p>/div> div>ul>h3 >a href=”http://www.ideku.net/programs.php”>a href=”http://www.ideku.net/program

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    A link to “ideku.net/grievance.php”
    Grievance/a>/h3>p>/li>li>a href=”http://ideku.net/result.php”>Grievance/a>/h3>p>/li>li>a>
    College of Kerala


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    At a href=”http://www.ideku.net/news.php?newsid=1423,”
    a href=”http://www.ideku.net/news.php?newsid=1422″>Venue For I/II Semester Bsc Cs/Bca Practical Examination August 2018/a>/li>li>a href=”http://www.ideku.net/news.php?newsid=1422″>
    Change of Exam Site for Paper IV of the Second Year B.Sc. Cs./B.A.
    a href=”http://ideku.net/result.php”>ideku.net/a>
    Distance Education School at Kerala University
  • See more here/a> div>li>div>ul>li>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>div>span>span>span>span>span>span>span>a href=”https://www.shiksha.com/college/school-of-di
    Shiksha (13)


    +91 471 230 0137 Senate Campus Palayam Thiruvananthap
    /div> span>div>span>a aria-label=”directions” role=”link” href=”/maps/directions?rtp=adr.pos.8.563974380493164 76.88580322265625 Senate+Campus percent 2c+Palayam+Thiruvananthapuram percent 2c+Trivandrum percent 2c+Kerala+69

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