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Lively – To access your Lively account, log in here.

Open your Lively Account and log in. Please use a working email address to log in, subscribers of mobile applications and emergency response devices. Please use your 10 digit Lively phone number to log in if you presently use one.


a href=”https://www.lively.com/myaccount/login”>Logging in is easy with Lively. /a>h3 > Log In /a> /h3> /p> /li>/ul>ul>a href=”https://www.lively.com/myaccount/registration?login type=responder” >/a>h3 >a href=”https://www.lively.com/myaccount/registration?login type=responder” >/a>/h3 > Open a new account

A link to Lively.com’s login page is provided in the following div. Only results from lively.com are displayed.

How do I log in to my lively account?

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Please use a valid email address or your 10-digit phone number to log in if you presently use a Lively phone. In a single location, you can organize your apps and manage your account. Additionally, you may log in securely from anywhere at any time with password-protected access.

What services does lively offer?

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Purchase the product that is best for you and receive Lively services. Our most basic smartphone to date. Our simplest mobile device ever. The medical alert with the quickest phone response. Help at a single tap on your Apple Watch. Amazon Alexa may be used with Urgent Response. Lively on Alexa might help you feel secure at home. 24/7 access to real Urgent Response Agents without using your hands.

What do customers say about lively?

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“Excellent customer service and a user-friendly website. Lively’s prompt and informed replies were what clinched the deal for me. ” I’m grateful for

transforming something that is frequently overly complex into what it ought to be. You’ve had a significant impact. We’ve enjoyed utilizing Lively,

What is Livly technology?


Utilizing many time-consuming methods to manage multifamily residences causes friction, which is eliminated with livly technology. everything from payments and upkeep to online events and social networking Livly boosts overall property efficiency and occupant happiness.

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