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CARES. Log into TASC Ventures. HRA FSA HSA BizPlan, AgriPlan, etc. e.g. COBRA Home » Login to MyTASC. a href=”https://www1.tasconline.com/loginproxy/mytasc/tasc-client/”> H3: a href=”https://www1.tasconline.com/loginproxy/mytasc/tasc-client/”>/a> Recent News a href=”/search?q=site:tasconline.com++www+task+com+login+”>/a>/h3>p>/li>/ul>/ul>/div> a>/h3>/p>/li>/ul>/div> a>/a>/h3 See just tasconline.com results

How do I log in to my TASC account?


One LOG IN button is now available to TASC subscribers for account access. Find your customer type under Universal Benefit Account Login or MyTASC Account Login, then click the green LOG IN button on the navigation bar to sign in. The only difference is how you get there; otherwise, usernames and passwords remain the same. For a breakdown, click Learn More down below.

What is the TASC card?


– Jenny, a user of the TASC Mobile app Typical message and data rates could be involved. The MetaBank Member FDIC issuing the TASC Card on behalf of Mastercard International Incorporated under license. The circles design and Mastercard are both registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

What can I do with TASC mobile app?

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With the TASC Mobile App, it’s simple to check your account’s balance, pay a bill, or make a request for reimbursement. Get the app right away to stay connected. “I received a prescription last week, but I was missing my TASC card. In less than 30 seconds, I had my claim processed and received a receipt. Wow, that’s quick. wonderful experience”

How do I transfer money from TASC to my bank account?

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Transfer! When you need money back in your bank account or you want to assist a friend, moving your money is simple. To schedule a transfer from your MyCash account to a personal bank account at any time and from any location, simply log in to your MyTASC account at www.tasconline.com.

How do I request a pin for my TASC card?

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Log onto MyTASC and choose Manage My Card to request a PIN. Transfer! When you need money back in your bank account or you want to assist a friend, moving your money is simple.

How do I access my mycash account?

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Utilize your TASC Card to access MyCash Your reimbursement money are kept in the MyCash account, and the quickest method to access them is using your TASC Card. Simply submit a request for reimbursement together with the necessary receipts whenever you have a qualified employee benefit cost using our mobile app, internet, text message, fax, or postal service.

What information do I need to create a student portal account?

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The following information is required when setting up a student portal account: First and last names of the student as they appear on their Social Security cards Social Security Number of the Student, as it is Printed on the Social Security Card

What is the TASC exam?

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The TASC test determines if you have attained a level of academic proficiency comparable to having graduated from high school. If you’re looking for a high school equivalency diploma, your state could require you to take the TASC. You may have heard the phrase “getting a GED” used to describe obtaining a high school equivalency certificate.

What can I use my TASC card for?

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Your FSA funds are easily accessible using the MasterCard debit card known as the TASC Card. Use your card to pay for qualified medical costs, such as prescription eyeglasses or contacts, as well as for eligible child care costs.

What is my FSA TASC ID?

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Your TASC ID is the 12-digit number that appears next to your name on your FSA debit card. To ensure that we can view all of your information quickly and properly to assist you with your questions, you will be required to provide your TASC ID when contacting Customer Care.

What happens if my TASC card is lost or stolen?

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You can contact TASC Customer Care at 1-800-422-4661 or submit a request online to have your TASC Card reissued. The cost to replace a damaged card is $10. What happens if my TASC Card is stolen or lost? With the Card Lock function found online or in the TASC app, you may prevent your TASC Card from being used. You may reach customer service by dialing 1-800-422-4661.

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