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Absolutely Craveable Chicken Zalads & Zappetizers are available at Zaxby’s. h2>div>span>span>/a>div>/div>

1060 – 1390 Cal. Spicy Signature Sandwich from Zaxby’s. Meal. Only Sandwich. 1070 – 1400 Cal. The Zaxby’s Special Club Sandwich. Meal. Only Sandwich. 1190 to 1520 California.

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    Platerz is available at a href=””>Platterz/a>. div>li>>.
    Zaxby’s menu pricing may be found at a href=””>div>div>div>/div>.
    The most recent update to Zaxby’s menu prices was made in October 2022.
    Zaxby’s menu prices are available at
    Price list for all menu items at Zaxby’s
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    div class=”div with price”>Zaxby’s Menu and Prices/div>
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    Prices from Zaxby’s Menu as of 2022

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